Timing is everything

Feeling Out of Sync? And, is there anything we can do about it?

You hear it spoken so very often:
“My timing was off…” or the opposite: “I was really in a rhythm…” ….

On the course and off, in the lives and careers of so many people just like you – this sentiment rings so true: “Timing Is Everything!”

timing is everything

Here’s the big question though: Can YOU do anything to HELP Your timing, focus, rhythm, coordination – in ANYTHING you want achieve improvement or better results?

We can certainly speak here about golf – if You are a golfer. But this transcends golf, really. What about reading, speaking, working, any sport, playing music, dancing, making art or even just thinking……

What if YOUR timing and focus could truly, measurably and dramatically GET BETTER?

I am here to tell you it CAN and WILL….and it just may unlock your true potentials – that you either suspected you could reach — or perhaps had shelved due to previous attempts that failed.

What am I talking about?

Well, simply put: you have timing mechanisms and skills residing in your brain – in several key areas of your brain, to be specific. And, how these areas of timing work well separately and together determines your sense and ability to time and focus and perform everything you do: either intentionally or subconsciously.

I co-developed a fascinating golf swing training program called Rhythmic Golf back in 1993 – where we set all the training routines and images to special music and beats – and it had quite an impact on so many golfers in the Chicago area and around the world. So much so I was interviewed on the BBC Belfast Ireland, and on many radio stations across America. Rhythm, tempo, timing…it is a BIG DEAL! And it is at the very Essence of what I call Golf’s Holy Grail: “Consistency!”

If you want more consistency… improve your timing abilities. It is a huge ball of wax!

Brain science now understands much more about WHY and now HOW the brain and body coordinate timing and movements for optimal performance. And I stand for helping everyone I meet learn and implement the powerful techniques that enable them to tap their beat timing and rhythm!

Ok, so what can you do now to help improve your timing?

Very simple and yet, very effective starting point: Say the phrase “One-thousand and One,” out loud several times as you sit there reading this: “One-thousand and One.”

Ok, now stand up and begin walking at your normal pace and begin to say out loud or softly to yourself – to the cadence of your walking stride: “One-thousand and One.”

Say “ONE THOUSAND” as you take your step with either foot,
say “AND” as you stride with the other foot and
say “ONE” as your foot touches the ground….

Now, repeat continuously for ten to twenty steps and settle in on the most comfortable speed or tempo of that cadence as you call it out.

Ok, once you’ve done the above, you are ready to try a clapping exercise that is simply a clapping sequence using the same “One Thousand and One” Mnemonic (memory pattern tool) as your hand clap. As you practice this – you will want to become familiar with your hands clapping as you say “Thousand” and then “One” as the pattern of timing.

If you are a golfer – the final exercise can be done with a putter or a wedge (for a chip shot motion).

Address the golf ball and be ready to make your putting stroke.

As you begin to swing your putter on your backswing motion say “One – thousand”…as your putter is at the exact point of the change-of-direction you will want to hear yourself say “AND”… then, as your downswing ensues and you are sensing the exact moment of impact between club and ball… say the word “One.”

The above technique is actually used by many elite amateurs and several of the worlds top Putting teachers. In fact, the Science and Motion SAMPutt Lab inventor Dr. Christian Marquardt urged me in the very first SAMPUTT Lab US Golf Teacher Certification training class at the Chicago District Golf Association’s Midwest Golf House – to use this exact drill to help with the timing improvements when training golfers on the SAM PuttLab technology.

I can tell you — it works at EVERY length putt you can stroke. It improves distance control and, as I will explain in future articles – improve your stroke technique and consistency – as well as mental cognitive aspects — especially when under putting pressure. In short, you will putt better and make more putts!

One of the worlds best putters and PGATour Top Teacher, Stan Utley shares that his putting stroke RHYTHM is the SAME on 2 footers, 10 footers and 40 footers…..IS YOURS? Stan and I have used the SAM Putt Lab and another new device to measure this (In a future post – I will demonstrate the new putting tool that measures this rhythm — I have a prototype I use now!)

So much more to share with your in the future! If you want to transform your game in part or in total – I am available both here in Chicago and when I travel to teach both one day and two day REAL GOLF immersion schools. These include that include playing lessons, mental performance training and can be done in small groups or privately. You may want to send a note to your local instructor and have us team up for a REAL GOLF weekend. I bring my TrackMan, of course – where ever I go!

Remember – whether your golf swing is fundamentally perfect and Tour-level — or your own unique “signature” swing…if it is NOT timed well and repeatedly, you can not be consistent. On the other hand, when you improve your timing – you improve your consistency and shot accuracy — at ANY LEVEL!

And if you want to learn about the TECHNOLOGY I am referring to above? Stay tuned for a future follow-up article that will reveal this and much more! Don’t forget to share this article to all your golf friends and to subscribe to Joe Bosco Golf for direct information that will be “breaking” soon to help YOU!

One last thing: The Timing Training technology im referring to that re-wires your brain and improves your coordination: ALSO improves your Focus and Concentration in ANYTHING You do! It is truly a life-changer! Stay tuned!

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  • Steve Golf

    If you use the same acceleration on all your putting strokes, the stroke length and duration will vary. Is that the other kind of stroke?