Joe Bosco Golf presents the most comprehensive, Elite Player Summer Camp available in Illinois:


at The Glen Club

An exclusive and admission-based, competitive development training program, Real Golf Elite Performance camp is very rigorous in its design and implementation. It is created for serious, skilled junior (7th – 12th grade) players that aspire to do one or more of the following:

  • Play and compete in IJGA & MAJGT, and AJGA Competitive Tournament Competition
  • Make their IHSA High School Golf Team at any level – especially Varsity
  • Position to be asked to play NCAA Division 1, 2 or 3 Collegiate Golf – either Scholarship or a spot on a team.
  • Boy and girls: 6th – 11th grade

Joe bosco junior coaching chicago
Joe Bosco has a highly developed approach to helping this specific elite player.

In addition to being an award winning and 3 time nominated Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher. Joe Bosco is one of Illinois IHSA most successful golf coaches. (coach of the year and state champion 2011 & 2013 – runner up 2013 & 2014) and has developed over 60 High School Golfers who have gone on to play NCAA College Golf at the Division 1, 2 & 3 Levels.

This is an exclusive and admission based Competitive Development Training Program that is VERY RIGOROUS IN ITS DESIGN and IMPLENTATION.


Upon admission – Joe Bosco and his collegiate golf staff will screen, assess and layout a week worth of golf skill scoring objectives in the following areas:

Specific aspects of this training approach:

  • Comprehensive Goal Setting & Journaling
  • Nutrition education – with Certified Sports Nutritionist
  • Golf Fitness & Conditioning
  • Swing Skills Combine with TrackMan™ Performance Studio
  • “Know Your Carry Distance Per Club” with TrackMan™
  • Video – instructional video analysis
  • Sport Psychology & Neuro-Programming
  • Mental Game Training – Course Strategy
  • Playing lessons on The Glen Club’s Championship Course
  • Complete Club Fitting by Titleist – using TrackMan™
  • All Food & Hydration included (and approved by the Nutritionist)
  • 1-Dozen Personalized Titleist Golf Ball – based on Ball Fitting
  • Titleist Golf Shirts
  • Focus & Concentration Training using BrainBeat™
  • Tracking playing statistics for key scoring trends – Shot-By-Shot™
  • Emotional Perspective Training (to ensure self-image is more than golf results)

I have known Joe Bosco for almost 20 years as an area golf instructor. For the last four years, he has been our Head Varsity Golf Coach. In that time, we have won the IHSA Class A Golf State Championship twice and been the runner-up twice. Previous to Joe being our Head Golf Coach our school had never won a state trophy (finish in the top 4 in a state championship tournament) in any sport. Patrick McHugh - Athletic Director - North Shore Country Day School


WEEK LONG: Monday Through Friday…

12 PLAYERS MAX: (3 foursomes or 4 threesomes).

RATIO:  (4:1) to (4:3) Student to instructor ratio depending on the activity. Taught by Joe Bosco and his NCAA collegiate staff.

FOR: Boys & Girls Ages 10-12 / 12-14 / 15-18 who play tournament golf.


*BREAKFAST: 6:30 AM Arrival Breakfast with Staff – Prep for Day

OPTION A: All players warm up and play 9 or 18
OPTION B: ½ of group plays course – ½ trains technical, mental, physical
OPTION C: All players trains in technical, mental, physical rotations

*LUNCH: Box, Sit Down or On the Course

OPTION A: All players warm up and play 9 or 18
OPTION B: ½ of group plays course – ½ trains technical, mental, physical
OPTION C: All players trains in technical, mental, physical rotations

*DINNER: Sit Down – Debrief Day, Journaling.

One of my long-term goals was to play college golf at the highest level, D1. Through Joe, and his unending support and dedication to my improvement, along with the implementation of the concepts laid out in the book, Real Golf, I was able to achieve both of those. Joe continues to help me realize my potential as a golfer and as a person. Michael Kinsella (+1 Handicap, D1 Collegiate Golfer)


To provide the best junior golf academy environment that allows junior golfers to reach their true potential. Every individual is unique. We all have a unique personality, style, beliefs and values that give meaning to the world around us.

Knowing that everyone is different, we have created a unique approach to athletic development, which is personally overseen and directed by Joe Bosco and his trained staff. We will adopt this holistic approach to give you, the golfer, the ultimate opportunity to be your best.

Our purpose is to build golf skills: technical, mental, strategic emotional and physical; to build character, producing well rounded and balanced individuals.

“Our goal is to create a junior golf academy environment that is inspiring and motivating, providing the structure and tools to allow our students to reach their full potential.”

Uncommon, hands-on, contextual learning and performance results based – this is truly a unique opportunity for the developing boy or girl who has a desire to take their golf game to the next level.

Joe Bosco, known as much for his development of High School players into NCAA Collegiate players as he is for is mental game performance training — has taken all of his 26 years of teaching, training and coaching: and created the most focused “immersion” training program available anywhere – for the aspiring Junior Golfer.

1) A soul searching Objectives and Goals Session:
Each Player is engaged to think, imagine, try on and commit to reaching for – this would include him considering short – medium and long term possibilities — and will consider both modest and stretch forms of goals = what he/she can aspire to take dead aim at. Premise: Goals are rocks to climb and paths to enable out journey…there are choices among several – and are both concrete enough to measure against and fluid enough to be reshaped along the way.

2. Game Plan Creation Sessions:
Each Player will be bringing some research I will have assigned them – to this session and I will lead them to literally create the plan for the next 5 Days, Next Month & the next 12 months. This plan will be viewed as his Action Plan – it will include the following elements

  • Mental/Emotional Training
  • Physical Fitness
  • Full Swing Technique
  • Short Game Mastery
  • Bunker Play
  • Putting
  • Shot Making
  • How To Practice

Creating Practice Plans: Four Kinds: On the course, in the practice areas, at home, and mental practice.
Tracking, Measuring & Journaling (I often refer to it as “Framing”).

Scheduling: all aspects, from tournaments to practice to lessons to play and fitness
Daily, Weekly Must Do’s

In round essentials: Mental, Physical, Strategic.

Working Sessions on Mental / Emotional Game: PGA Pros and NCAA Collegiate Coaches say the most important aspect to their, and their player’s games is their brain! How does your Childs brain measure up?

I teach several forms of, Visualization (my version is called “Pre-Living”) Awareness and Meditative-like skills and drills (some are highlighted in my book) — these are the foundation for being positive and resilient in growing as a competitive golfer – where golf serves up many challenges that can get us down and off-track.

A CORNERSTONE CONCEPT FOR GENERATING PLAYING RESULTS is to train enable his own mind for better performance likelihood – it is being used exclusively by David Leadbetter’s Tour player development program in Orlando at Champions Gate — I was trained in it and certified throughout the last year — it is the most powerful “application” of what “sport psychologists” preach…with a serious difference” It is not concerned with the psychology of why people feel a certain way…it is purely Neuro-Programing into self-directed routines to organize when to think and what to think about — to help the mind “get out its own way” and learn to trust and let owned skills surface.

Equipped with both a very clear understanding of the latest brain science on mental and motor skill performance – AND having their POIMA Action Plan to work with, your competitive golfer-Child will finally have the tools they need to take responsibility for their growth as an improving player and person!

Mental toughness, resiliency and maturity will result. They will learn that they are not defined by their golf game – or the results – a perspective and realization that will set them free to truly reach toward their true potential!

Above all else, Joe Bosco and his REAL GOLF PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE will take the time to individually shape each player in a positive, nurturing and naturally – healthy challenging environment. Golf is truly a wonderfully complex and difficult game with so many opportunities to learn and grow as student athletes and people. This is just as important a n objective, as the lower scoring skills each player will learn during one or more weeks with Joe Bosco and his team!

One of my favorite stories from a student

Teenagers can be awful. At their worst, they’re selfish little critters who go partially deaf from age 13 through age 18. At the best, they’re eager, malleable young minds ripe to the influence of those around them. Joe Bosco kept a club in my hand during these influential years, taught me everything I know about the mental, physical and emotional elements of the game, supported me through national tournament wins – including a record-setting -9 under par win at the Illinois Women’s Open – and was hugely responsible for me attending Princeton, where I became the captain of the golf team.

I began lessons with Joe when I was 13. Unlike most kids who find their way onto the course, my father wasn’t pushing me out to the range (he was pushing a book into my hands, which I am eternally grateful for – but that’s a different story). This meant that beyond acting as my technical swing coach, Joe supported, structured and disciplined my practice. If I was hitting the ball poorly, he wouldn’t simply tell me to “shift my weight”. Instead he would break down every element of the problem on video, ask me to analyze it, find a root cause – lack of confidence in my driver, for example – and I would leave my lesson with all the tools needed to fix myself during a competitive round. Joe didn’t just teach me how to play golf, he taught me how to solve problems on and off the course.

Armed with a killer golf game, Joe loosed me on the NCAA Division I circuit where I competed against some of the best players in the world on some of the most difficult courses in the country. Although I had great team coaches throughout my Princeton career, Joe is the one I would call when I stepped off the 18th green at Pinehurst or Doral. As my game matured Joe became more of a golf psychologist and strategist, which is what I needed to compete at such a high level. His constant guidance is directly responsible for my success.

I remember sitting down with Joe after a lesson when I was about 15, and him asking, “how good do you want to be?” I like to think he asked this because I seemed like someone who could make good on whatever answer I offered up. I replied with candor. “I want to win and I want to be in the paper. I want to be the best.” Well, I won a lot during my career, and now I’ve got a box stuffed with press clippings. I have Joe to thank for all of this. I’m three years out of Princeton this month and don’t make it to the course too often anymore, but I’m growing a prosperous design business here in Chicago. I’m charging forward with Joe’s voice ringing in my head, echoing the greatest lesson he ever taught me, that I can be as good as I want. That I can be the best.

Find a way to take a lesson with Joe! It will change your game…it may change your life!

Annika Welander,

Captain, All State and State Champion, New Trier HS
Princeton Women’s Golf Team – was ranked 26th in NCAA in 2006
Illinois PGA Women’s Open Champion and scoring record holder 9-under.

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