The Joe Bosco Method

Joe has more than 25 years of experience as a golf instructor. His unique, consultative approach is specifically tailored to fit the learning style of each student. Joe partners this highly customized teaching style with cutting edge short game technology and teaching aids to enhance each lesson and provide students with the tools they need to continue to hone their skills on the range and on the course.

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Joe Launched Joe Bosco Golf in 2010, locating strategically at the Glen Club in Glenview, Ill., Joe Bosco Golf is a leading golf school designed to serve TOUR professionals, aspiring pros, highly competitive amateurs (adults and juniors) and business professionals.

Joe Bosco Golf provides premium quality instruction to increase confidence and lower scores by improving both the long game , short game and mental aspects of the game. Joe’s highly customized coaching, coupled with his understanding of the best practices of top TOUR pros and instructors, provides his students with best-in-class training and techniques.

“I believe golf is as much a mental & emotional skill game as it is a physical – technique skill game.”

Joe Bosco giving golf lesson in Chicago Illinois

As opposed to rote drills and endless time on the range, Joe’s methodology centers on the idea of “deep practice,” a reflective method of instruction which is used by leading TOUR professionals today. This approach focuses on ensuring that students understand each element of the new skills they are trying to master – allowing them to accelerate their learning curve exponentially and, most importantly, to self-correct in practice and on the course.

One of the most unique aspects of Joe’s instruction is his focus on the mental game. As Joe often says, the most important area for improvement in most people’s golf game is the “six inches between the ears.” Without a solid mental game plan, frustration from a bad shot or missed scoring opportunity can often ruin an entire round. Joe teaches students to develop a mental game plan to help them prepare for, play and accurately assess every round. This approach allows students to maintain a positive frame of mind and leads to peak performance on every shot. With Joe Bosco Golf, students embrace a hands-on, minds-on approach to golf.

Joe also provides access to leading short game technology and training aids to enhance his instruction and give his students tools to continue to improve their games during practice sessions. Key technologies Joe incorporates into your training sessions include:

  • The SAM PuttLab
  • Trackman
  • Sensory Awareness and Image-Based Training
  • Mental Golf Profile
  • V1 Video Analysis
  • The Pure Ball Striker grip trainer
  • The Golf Swing Shirt

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A few quotes from Joe Bosco:

“Let me give you a lesson on the golf course – where I can observe your REAL GOLF Swing.  The range is the least effectice place to take a lesson (although it is sometimes required or an only option).”

“Some people call me ‘The Playing Lessson Pro’, and I beleive there is so much more value I can provide to any player who is genuinely intersted in improving their game: including their swing, mental game decision-making, short-game, putting and ability to MAKE SHOTS.”

“I have studied, trained and continue to improve my Teaching AND Coaching Skills: And there is a significant distiction between the two.  What are they?  Come take a lesson and find out!”

Joe Bosco Golf instructor at the glen club

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