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3 Unheard of Putting Drills to putt like a pro

Learn the 3 unheard of putting drills to put like a pro

These three putting drills will improve your putting immediately! In golf, nothing matters more to your score than holing putts! Download, read and go do these simple drills and you will sink more putts for Pars & Birdies! Tell me more!

Real Golf Scorecard

Free Real Golf Resources

Get the Real Golf scorecard and assessment. The exact materials I take my students through when they see me at the Glen Club in Chicago IL. Tell me more!

Joe’s Book – Real Golf

“REAL GOLF” is ‘contextual self-coaching’ and it is also so much more valuable a way to spend one or more hours of practice — than beating balls on the range. You will learn how to score lower and what is keeping you from doing so.

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Learn the 3 drills to start making more putts.