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Joe Bosco, is a 26 year experienced performance coach to athletes, educators, schools, companies, and sport psychologists. His results are based in measurements of individual and organizational performance outcomes.

As a highly regarded golf teacher and coach – Joe’s students have generated an uncommon level of results at every level of the game: From PGATour, PGA Professionals, Canadian PGATour, Web.comTour, PGAChampions Tour Players – to NCAA Collegiate Winners at the Division 1, 2 & 3 levels – to USGA Amateur, Senior AM, Mid-Am, USGA Junior Boys, Girls, AGJA, FCWT, Western Amateur, Western Junior and Illinois Junior Golf Association and MAJGT Tour.

As an Illinois High School Head Golf Coach: Joe Bosco took a school team program down state and won 2 state titles and was runner-up. He has amassed as one of the winningest programs in High School Golf Coaching in the Illinois High School Association State Tournament history in a 4 year period. He has been the teacher of over 30 high school state champion team member players –and has developed 5 individual IHSA State Champions.

What Joe Bosco does as a performance consultant has been honed since he was extensively trained by legendary general management consultant.

His approach to problem identification and solution creation in any field of learning and performance for people and teams is predicated on the concept of how to deal with minds and people. It was natural then, for Joe Bosco to take literally the timeless adage “golf is such a mental game,” and place significant emphasis on understanding, testing, probing and formulating “best practices” in helping people come to terms with and use their minds to create positive results.

Since 1989, Joe has been infusing his training of golf instruction with mental game training. From goal setting to creative visualization, to the self-image and esteem assessments and building – to the mental processes that occur in the motor skill learning and the mental-motor movement performance of golf skills – and other sports, as well as business.

What follows is the first in a series of descriptions of how Joe Bosco applies his unique skill sets of techniques and technologies – that lead to powerful, measurable results!

Situation Faced:

Student Is asked a series of specific questions to reveal her true concerns:

Competitive high school player begins to describe inconsistent iron play. She cites concerns over two backswing methods she is uncertain/confused about.

Performance Coaching incite:

Through a deep understanding of the brain/mind/mind connections and processes as they related to mental-motor performance: Coach Joe Bosco asks the player to demonstrate and describe her thought process as she goes through her shot routine.

Student reveals she is troubled and thinking about which backswing path and method of hinging her club is “correct” and shows through hitting shots that the outcome results are not solid or accurate in relation to her target and past skill abilities.

It is further revealed through observation and proprietary query methods by Joe Bosco, that she is operating other aspects of her golf shots: such as tee shots and putting – in a different mindset.

Corrective Coaching Action Taken:

Joe Bosco understands that genuine context corrections are VITAL to the students framework for learning and performance. Therefore, he decides to leave the non-context arena of the golf range – and head to the golf course and a golf hole to provide the player with much more meaningful learning environment: actual golf shots from variable lies in the fairway and rough – to a green and target that has the same context, imagery, consequences and “feel” that simulates what student has and will be facing in competitive situations.

Joe Bosco has a highly developed set of mental cues and image driven cadence and timing exercises that he has become highly successful in transmitting to players for immediate use.

In working with this player, Joe selects a customized blend of these cue-thoughts and actions that are “so simple – but so complex, simultaneously” (as described by many who have experienced them.)

What Joe Bosco knows is this: Almost every athlete who experiences difficulty in on or any specific aspect of their skill-execution under pressure of context performance has a combination of mental-motor coordination “interruptions” that amount to intentions leading to cross-signals to the brain/mind….and then render the body of the athlete less likely/capable of carrying out the skilled motion-actions when required.

This is significant, KEY knowledge most teachers and coaches lack in understanding. And once it is recognized, it has been largely uncertain as to what to help the athlete/performer to do about it.

Once Joe Bosco prescribed a change in this HS girls iron shot routine from a mental routine of what and how to think and when to think…..the player demonstrated IMMEDITIATE results outcomes.

What Joe Bosco accompanied this training situation with is a mind/body feedback device that he has been testing over the last 6 years. This device is worn as a headband and provides the trained expert with real-time feedback about that critical mental-motor states AS THE ATHLETE IS PERFORMING THEIR SPORT ACTIONS (just prior, during and after).

This device, known as the ifocusband, is used by Joe Bosco to monitor the athletes mental state of calm or excitability as well as body and ocular tension – in real time.

Three sensors are used and the feedback is delivered to an application on a smartphone – and also recorded for future analysis.

What this enables the expert trainer and athlete to understand together is the actual process of the “space”that has been up till now only talked about and described through books and articles and discussions with mental coaches and scientists – but not measured in real time in the instruction or game-competitive situations as they occur.

Once Joe Bosco enabled this High School girl athlete to organize and use her mental-motor routines in a different manner – the feedback device provided clear insight into how successfully she was able to change her state of mind – and free up her motor-skill application.

The result: “Wow!” was exclaimed as she struck iron shots solidly, accurately and further than she had both previously in the learning session – but added several more yards of carry-distance than she had experience, ever.

She described” I felt more free and calm….and my swing seemed more fluid – it was surprising to feel that power without “trying” to hit it further!”

This HS competitor has, under Joe Bosco’s Performance Coaching – improved both her average score by 7 shots in competition – and her career low tournament round occurred just two weeks ago – where she carded and even par 72 (prior to working with Joe, her low was 79). This has been realized in only 3 months of training with Joe Bosco.

Final thoughts: Joe Bosco Knows that there is an inseparable link between the mind and body and emotion of each human being in both the acquisition of and the performance of skills in both sports and any life endeavor: from school, to work, creativity, to business.

Two issues must be understood by a highly trained Coach/Trainer/Teacher in order to BEST help any individual:

  1. What can this performer do NOW with the CURRENT skills they have learned up to this point – to help them utilize these current skills as effectively as possible under pressure?
  2. What can BEST enhance the improvement/learning of skills that are needed for the future – in both the discovery phases of learning and the “practicing” to build the enhanced skills for use?

These two questions, and their answers are what define Joe Bosco and his Performance Consulting and Training Skills.


Joe Bosco is currently teaching and coaching golfers, athletes, students and business executives who are seeking to realize their true potential.

He has written a golf specific book on one aspect of Context-based Learning and Performance titled REAL GOLF: Taking Your Best Game to The Course.

And has two books underway that are aimed at transforming how coaches, teachers and educators approach facilitating better learning in schools and universities – in the classrooms and the athletic fields of play.

The other book speaks directly to the practical formulas and approaches that high- performance business executives and teams can take to significantly increase human capital potential to generate more productive business skills that lead to measurable results and happier people.

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