Real Golf – And why it can help you

I get this questions a lot.

What is Real Golf?!? (and why should I care)

I was having dinner with some friends the other day and happened to have a copy of a book I wrote (titled Real Golf) sitting on the table. As a group of guys (obviously golfers) were on the way out someone spotted the title and put me on the spot to give them the 90 second explanation. Although caught a little off guard. This was the jist of it…

First off: What kind of player do you want to be? Once you determine what you want, REAL GOLF is a “read-then-do” workbook designed and proven to enable you to play towards your potential ON the golf course. Designed to be read in one sitting, REAL GOLF is a short, inspiring and powerful recipe to follow to discover just how good your current skills are – AND YOUR POTENTIAL! This is a leaping off point for learning to coach yourself as you play — and fits perfectly with every golfer at every level — as long as you already play the game. PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour and NCAA men and women are beginning to use REAL GOLF – as are some of the Top 100 Teachers in the US!

Most players improve their game to a point, then stall at a certain handicap. The scores they shoot stubbornly cluster in five or six shot comfort zone. Real Golf is rooted in cutting edge research on human behavior and learning, but the results aren’t theoretical.

“REAL GOLF” is ‘contextual self-coaching’ and it is also so much more valuable a way to spend one or more hours of practice — than beating balls on the range. You will learn how to score lower and what is keeping you from doing so.

What I can promise you is this: Read-then-do REAL GOLF for 9-holes….once you do, you will be ready to take your best game to the course!


Real Golf Book
Real Golf is, as one PGATour winner said: “a great way to find more confidence on the course. It’s something I incorporated into my own practice routine this season as I got ready for the PGA Champions Tour.”

  • Forward by Stan Utley & Introduction
  • What Kind of Player Do You Want To Be?
  • Your First Scoring Lesson
  • Goal-Setting and Benchmarking
  • Playing Lesson Formats & Strategies
  • Bonus: The Next Steps
Learn the 3 drills to start making more putts.