Junior Golf Academy Launching in Chicago

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Hey Parents!

Do you want to provide your child with the very best learning environment possible to help them cultivate their passion and ambition as an emerging Junior Golfer or High School golfer (who may want to aim at playing college golf)?

Last Fall of 2014:
One of my mentors (we all need them – everyone needs a coach for their career/sport/life), challenged me to design and then deliver the quintessential – BEST PRACTICES, Week long and summer long SERIOUS Junior Golfer Development Program available.

Joe bosco junior coaching chicagoI had just come off the end of the golf season here in the Chicagoland area and had just led the Varsity High School Team I coach to our second Runner-Up season in the State High School Tournament – and was reflecting on the last several years of my teaching, performance coaching and Team Coaching.

One of my mentors who had passed away a few years ago drilled into me this concept:
If you want to continue to grow as a consultant, mentor, teacher and coach – You must re-engineer, refine and re-create your commitment, your resolve to what you intend to be the best you can be. In my case, it is to be one of the best in the world at what I do – to help people grow as people and performers in their area of choice – be it golf, other sports or virtually any noble, positive endeavor in their lives.

Here are some of the questions I posed to myself – to build the REAL GOLF SUMMER ACADEMY for serious junior golfers.

What are the key elements of helping individuals learn how to learn and learn how to tap what they learn – when they want to most: under the context of competing in golf tournaments. – where scoring is part of the main measurable objective.

You see, if you re-read that last sentence again – I distinctly state:

“where scoring is PART of the MAIN MEASURABLE OBJECTIVE.”

What do I mean? While junior golfers and their parents want so much to see the lowest scores to come consistently when they compete – the long term and later-onset nature of the game of golf – including the physical the cognitive and emotional development, often takes a years.

We ALL KNOW (don’t we?) that Golf is as much a “Mental” game as it is a game of skilled technique of swing and stroke, right?

REAL GOLF SUMMER ACADEMY – A weekly Immersion into Golf Performance & Scoring Skill For Tournament Play when it matters:

The kind of environment that engages each boy or girl golfer individually first to deeply understand their goals, objectives, passions, frustrations, opportunities and potentials.

Joe Bosco Junior Golf Lessons ChicagoTo involve each student’s mind in intelligent goal setting, creation of strategies and tactics for Physical, technical, Mental and emotional improvement — and then work their plan to prepare for the rigors of competitive play, under pressure.

To educate and have them experience the very latest in Nutrition, Mental Brain Training, Emotional conditioning, Physical Fitness and Training to Enjoy Playing Competitive Golf (sounds like a good, obvious idea – but it is not present in most golf camps, schools and academies.

To ensure a healthy perspective is viewed by each player – where golf is a game – not an identity. Where the learning how to learn and perform and grow for both the sake of golf enjoyment and success – as well as, and equally as important: Learning life lessons that sports in general and Golf specifically can be aimed at.

There are all kinds of choices parents can make regarding your child’s education and recreation.

My promise to each parent is this: Your child will grow and mature within this special program — as a golfer for certain….and as or more importantly, as a person. What is truly exciting is the latest research, technology and techniques that are emerging in performance training – that I have spent significant time and my own resources to be involved with their development.

It is profound, deeply effective and exciting to be uniquely qualified to deliver this special level of coaching to eager, earnest minds who have a growing passion for learning!



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  • Dr Putts

    Want to see your putting tips. No acknowledgement to visual or seeing aspect of the game. When you are mental you don’t trust what you see so you learn to go against what you see and learn to lie or miss it in the hole. Thinkers or overanalyzers are lying to themselves because they don’t trust their intuition and instincts