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What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same
thing over and over again, yet expecting different results from your golf game…

It’s time to face the facts: You’ve been doing the same things over and over and expecting different results from your golf game. If you don’t do something different this year you’re not going to improve.

It’s time to see better results from your golf instruction.

How much are you willing to invest to see drastic change?
I bet you’re willing to spend $400 on the latest driver or maybe $300 on that “perfect” putter (even if it’s your sixth one).

Will any of those actually help you drop shots?
Probably not.

Do something different by committing to a training program and golf lessons that will lower your scores. GUARANTEED I’ve done it for hundreds of other Chicago golfers. Helping people consistently break 90 to competing at the highest level

Joe Bosco Golf offers a wide range of personal, group, and corporate instruction options, providing students with the flexibility to structure training around their schedules:


Joe Bosco Golf Lessons Trackman Chicago

Joe also provides access to leading short game technology and training aids to enhance his instruction and give his students tools to continue to improve their games during practice sessions. Key technologies Joe incorporates into your training sessions include:

  • The SAM PuttLab
  • Trackman
  • Sensory Awareness and Image-Based Training
  • Mental Golf Profile
  • V1 Video Analysis
  • The Pure Ball Striker grip trainer
  • The Golf Swing Shirt


Introductory Experience (this is where we’ll start)

A first exposure to the Joe Bosco teaching method. Available for both individuals and groups (up to 4):

  • 2-hour introductory experience: $395
  • 4-hour half-day introductory experience (includes breakfast or lunch): $795
  • Full-day introductory experience (includes breakfast and lunch as well as a 9-hole playing lesson): $1,795


Hourly Training Packages

For individual players who want to work with Joe on an ongoing basis. Students can use the package in any increment (from one hour to all day):

  • 12-hour training package
  • 24-hour training package
  • 42-hour training package


A la Carte Options

For individual players as well as groups (up to 4) who want to set up partial or full-day experiences with Joe:

  • 2-hour experience:
  • 4-hour half-day experience (includes breakfast or lunch):
  • Full-day experience (includes breakfast and lunch as well as a 9-hole playing lesson):

Custom Option

Joe Bosco Golf offers highly customizable group events including corporate outings and unique golf experiences. Contact Joe Bosco Golf for more information.


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