How Would You Teach Tiger?

As a teacher and coach of the great game for 26 years – I can tell you first hand that i have spent moments in daydreaming about what I would do if I was tapped on the shoulder by one of professional golf’s elite tour players.

Imagine! In any era, having one of the legends asking you (in this place, me to teach them)!

Turning to the present – as we now know, Tiger Woods parted ways with Sean Foley and just last week tapped a young teacher from Texas, named Chris Como to be his bio-mechanical consultant.

I do not claim to know the first hand thing at all about how this relationship was born – and what the running rules between Tiger and Chris Como are.

I am a golf fan of Tiger Woods as a competitor. His record is mind boggling with nearly 80 wins and 14 major championships.

I have never met Tiger – but do know several teachers, players, members of the press-media who do. I just had breakfast with a close friend yesterday who did a 90-plus million dollar deal with Woods about 10 years ago — and he said, of all the athletes I’ve dealt with (list is long, and includes Peyton Manning, Kevin Garnett, etc). This executive said: “Tiger is one of the most intelligent athletes I’ve ever encountered.”

So, here is my arm-chair take on this new union between Player & Teacher…

I do know Chris Como a little bit as we have shared time learning together from teaching mentors at teaching summits and certifications from Top 100 teachers: Mike Adams, EA Tischler, Dr David Wright, and many other well known too respected teachers and bio-mechanics.

Chris Como is a fantastic guy with as curious and enthusiastic a mind as I have encountered in a teacher. And he has a fantastic set of mentors – colleagues and resources to draw from. If it were me (what a fun thing to imagine)….

I would NEVER teach Tiger on any range, ever. only the golf course, period.

I would also help Tiger back into his meditative quiet mind and eye skills he demonstrated when he was young. If you watch Tiger as a young fearless champion — he managed his emotions so very much better than he has in the last decade.

Positive Emotional reactions to good and great shots in play are good things….negative reactions to shots that are not pleasing are a significant indelible habit that Tiger has cultivated far too long. It has been, IMO the result of playing “a swing” and it’s expectations, verses “playing golf shots” with confidence and taking all outcomes in stride.

Tiger was more “mature” when he was younger and exuberant, playing golf and finding a way to win no matter how he hit the ball. Yes, I am a playing lesson pro advocate — and it is and always had been a mental/emotional issue that Tiger has at times been the master of…and the belligerent slave to it.

Nothing would make me and millions of golf fans happier than to see Tiger win more majors (some I realize Don’t want this)….Chris Como now has a teachers dream opportunity….”leave no stone unturned, Chris!”…. A figurative lobotomy is in order. When Tiger rids himself of expectations and swing thoughts and reconnects with trust — as long as he is injury/pain free — Tiger will win again.

Let’s also recognize this fact under Foley’s direction: 2013 Tiger won 5 times and had flashes of dominance – – he’s not and never has been all that far away from winning.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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