An important certification – LPGA Teaching HER Approved Instructor

Growing up in a household of females only: My Mother and two sisters – was the beginning of my education on the female gender. My continuing education in female perspective has been furthered upon adulthood as I am again surrounded by my wife, two daughters and a female dog! For 25 years, I have taught golf…

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Patience, beyond the virtue….

In my life’s role as a professional teacher and coach of adult and junior golfers, I find myself catching what I call “glimpses of genius” in my students more frequently than ever. I am certainly a better instructor than I was 10 or even five years ago. But the genius arises within my students; it’s…

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This assessment will help you shoot lower scores

Step 1: Recall the best one or two rounds of golf you enjoyed last year. How would you characterize or qualify them as “best?” Was it the score, or that you won a match or event? Step 2: What has been your typical average 9 or 18 hole score? And what 9 hole or 18…

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Round Ruiner #2 – The three putt

The three putt….to me, its like the plague. And it can become an epidemic. If you were to actually putt every putt out – the way people do when they play golf by the rules — how many 3-putts would you have on a typical 18 hole round? As both a teacher of adults and…

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Two “Round Ruin-ers” and how to avert them!

There are two major “round ruin-ers” that I see over and over again 1) The sculled, thin, bladed short iron, wedge from about 110 yards and in… 2) The long “lag” putt that all too often comes up short and leads to yet another 3-putt. Lets take the bladed, sculled short shots first. Here you…

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Learn the 3 drills to start making more putts.