When you reflect back on one of your best rounds of golf what stands out? Over my 26 year career as an instructor and performance coach I’ve seen the mental game as the single defining factor of great golf. We all have heard about “the zone” but specifically HOW do you calm your mind and…

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Real Golf Case Studies

Joe Bosco, is a 26 year experienced performance coach to athletes, educators, schools, companies, and sport psychologists. His results are based in measurements of individual and organizational performance outcomes. As a highly regarded golf teacher and coach – Joe’s students have generated an uncommon level of results at every level of the game: From PGATour,…

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Case Study On Learning & Performance

Situation Faced: Middle aged male, member of several private golf clubs – reaches out in desperation to Joe Bosco, after having spent the past several years taking instruction from several other well known Teaching Pro’s both in Chicago & New Jersey. The player declares that he is “about to quit the game,” because the more…

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First Wearable Neurofeedback Device Hits the PGA Tour

FocusBand™ Brain-Trains Golfers to Get into the ‘Zone’ – All other sports, businesses and education will benefit. Chicago, IL – September 28, 2015 – According to Performance Consultant & one of the countries top Golf Teacher/Coaches Joe Bosco “The Future of Learning & Performance is about to change –In pro sports, high-level business, and everywhere…

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Junior Golf Academy Launching in Chicago

Hey Parents! Do you want to provide your child with the very best learning environment possible to help them cultivate their passion and ambition as an emerging Junior Golfer or High School golfer (who may want to aim at playing college golf)? Last Fall of 2014: One of my mentors (we all need them –…

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Learn the 3 drills to start making more putts.