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A great way to know another person is to play golf with them. A great way to know one’s self is through the process of learning how to play golf.” ~ Joe Bosco

Joe Bosco has not only been a successful golf instructor for more than 23 years – he’s been a student of the game for 38 years. Joe’s success is built upon his primary focus: teaching his clients how to think about the game in a positive manner – by improving the mental aspect of the game, scores are lowered. Joe’s specialties are the short game and mental approach, but Joe can help his clients with all aspects of their golf game. Joe’s methods focus on the short game because he knows that improving the shortest distances (yards on the course and the “space between the ears”) are the keys to lower scores.

Joe has teamed up with top golf instructors including Hank Haney, Stan Utley, Mike Adams and Rudy Duran, among others, to bring his students the best techniques to lower their scores and increase confidence in their game. For example, Joe has partnered with leading PGA tour instructor Stan Utley to produce short and mental game clinics nationwide for the last six years.

Stan Utley says, “Joe Bosco will help any student putt better, chip better and lower their scores.”

Joe Bosco instructs his clients in these primary areas:

  • Putting
  • Short game – chipping , pitching and bunker play
  • Mental attitude and mental aptitude
  • On-course instruction – shot selection, shot preparation, mental approach and performance evaluation

Learn more about my story

I was recently interviewed on a podcast for instructors where I shared my story. If you want to get to know me a little better check it out below.

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